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Call for friendly service
(210) 532-6328
Call for friendly service
(210) 532-6328

We Carry:
All types of pet care, supplies, feed, antibiotics, electrolytes and wormers and flea prevention. Christi has a wealth of knowledge about animal care by breed and the brands we love are Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Victor, Sportmix, Taste of the Wild, Premium Edge and Maximum Bully.

  • Puppies need to eat puppy food.  They need the vitamins and DHA's that puppy food provides.
  • Puppy vaccination need to be started at 6 weeks old if the parents have not been vaccinatied or 8 weeks if the parents have been vaccinated. Vaccinate every 3 weeks up to 4 vaccinations.
  • Worm puppies starting at 4 weeks every week for 6 weeks.
  • Triple wormer for dogs is 2 times every 7 days.
  • You should not bathe your dog more thatn 1 time a month.  Over bathing causes their skin to be exposed to the elements.  This can cause hot spots, dry skin, itching and hair loss.

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