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Call Us Today!
(210) 532-6328
Call Us Today!
(210) 532-6328


We Carry:

  • Feed for Poultry Feed for Chickens Turkeys Ducks & Geese and the brands we love are Bluebonnet and Wendland.
  • Feed for Pigeon Feed and the brands we love are Brooks and Wendland.
  • Feed for Domestic Birds and the brands we love are Kaytee, Brooks, Higgins and LM Farms VV.

Feed for Farm Animals:

  • Cow - Bluebonnet,
  • Pigs Bluebonnet, Wendland and Mazuri
  • Horses - Bluebonnet and Wendland


  • Water Troughs 
  • Cages 
  • Traps
  • Feeders
  • Antibiotics
  • Electrolytes
  • Vitamins
  • Supplements


- Will a Chicken lay an egg without a rooster? YES, The rooster has nothing to do with the egg laying process.
- When can a duck be put into water? A duck cannot be put into water until they are fully feathered.
- Can you get salmonella poisoning from holding a chicken? No, that comes from raw chicken.
- Can you feed Pullets and Chickens the same food? No, pullets eat a starter feed and chickens eat grain.
- What type of feed do I give my Horse? There are different types of feed for different stages of life.
- Can different species of chicken be raised together? Yes, you do not have to separate your chickens by breed.
- How many roosters do I need? You only need 1 Rooster for up to 20 hens.

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