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Call for friendly service
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  1. Will a Chicken lay an egg without a rooster? YES, The rooster has nothing to do with the egg laying process.
  2. When can a duck be put into water? A duck cannot be put into water until they are fully feathered.
  3. Can you get salmonella poisoning from holding a chicken? No, that comes from raw chicken.
  4. Can you feed Pullets and Chickens the same food? No, pullets eat a starter feed and chickens eat grain.
  5. What type of feed do I give my Horse? There are different types of feed for different stages of life.
  6. Can different species of chicken be raised together? Yes, you do not have to separate your chickens by breed.
  7. How many roosters do I need? You only need 1 Rooster for up to 20 hens.